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Another blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Bo Nickal

A few days ago, world-famous MMA athlete Bo Nickal received a faceted gift from American Top Team. The head coach of this organization, Marcel Ferreira, gave Bo Nickal a promotion. This event shocked the wrestler a little, so he posted a post on his social networks, where he shared this good news with his subscribers.

On his Instagram, Bo Nickal wrote that he has been wrestling for 20 years and has achieved tremendous success in this sport. But to start learning new sports from scratch like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was a real challenge for him. It was a little hard for him, in the beginning, to get used to the radically different strategy and behavior of the fighters, but Bo Nickal is happy with this sport. He noted that he likes to constantly improve his skills and learn new techniques that he can use in his battles. In the end, the fighter added that his greatest goal is not to become the perfect fighter but to improve every day to be the best version of his previous self.
It’s safe to say that Bo Nickal could become one of the most dangerous blue belt holders in the world.

Source: Jiu Jitsu Times

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