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How To Bet On Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

If you are new to the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or sports gambling, don’t worry, placing wagers is incredibly easy and fast. In this guide, we are going to break down every step required to start betting on BJJ. Let’s get started!

Where To Place Bets On BJJ?

The best place to gamble on BJJ is online sportsbooks. There are numerous wagering sites that have well-developed Brazilian jiu-jitsu gambling markets and feature multiple different tournaments and competitions from the US and Europe. Before you sign up to a sportsbook head to their betting section and see exactly what sports they have on offer as not all offer Brazilian jiu-jitsu gambling.

What Kinds Of BJJ Bets Are Available?

Gambling on Brazilian jiu-jitsu is very simple because you can only make 2 types of wagers. You may make a match result wager where you predict a winner and a method of victory of wager where you predict if the match will end via submission or judge’s decision. As sportsbooks start taking more action on Brazilian jiu-jitsu events it is likely they will add to their markets and allow gamblers to make prop wagers.

How To Place A BJJ Wager?

To start gambling on the next tournament or your favorite submission specialist follow these simple steps:

  • Find a sportsbook that offers BJJ gambling – You won’t have any problem finding a sportsbook that has Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gambling markets but make sure you double-check as not all do!
  • Create a sportsbook account – You can create an account in under 5 minutes. You just need to be 18 years or older, have a working email and mobile number.
  • Deposit – You are able to fund your account instantly via credit card, debit card, e-wallets, bank transfer, and even cryptocurrencies.
  • Claim a bonus – Receive free wagers and bonus cash by simply agreeing to the sportsbook’s terms and conditions.
  • Open the sports section and select Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Choose the match or tournament you wish to gamble on – Gamble on great events such as ADCC, IBJJF, and Fight 2 Win.
  • Pick your wager type – You choose to make a match result or method of victory wager.
  • Type in the amount of your wager – Remember to start small. You could always increase your bet size once you gain more experience and grow your bankroll
  • Confirm your bet.

Placing a Brazilian jiu-jitsu wager really is that simple. You can create an account at a sportsbook in about 5 minutes and then you only need about 1 minute to place a wager.

Time To Gamble On A BJJ Match!

Now you know exactly where and how to place Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu wagers, what are you waiting for! Keep a look out for the next Brazilian jiu-jitsu event and when your favorite athlete is set to compete try your luck and gamble on them to win! Remember to claim a bonus so you can bet with the sportsbook’s money!

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